Fractional CMO Agency

Content Strategist & Senior UX Copywriter


  • Collaborates with respected agencies to help lead digital strategy, content strategy, SEO strategy, or manage high-stakes projects for mid-enterprise/or/enterprise accounts.


  • Data-informed brand strategy, website strategy, content marketing, and SEO strategies.
  • Brand development and competitive research.
  • Project breakouts.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO-optimized technical copy.
  • UX-optimized wireframes.
  • Analytics reporting.
  • Client account management for industrial and enterprise accounts.
  • Support for paid ad strategy.

The Role

Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing

Thought Leadership
Case Studies
Optimized Landing Pages
Social Scripting & Editing

Website Wireframes
SEO Strategy & Optimized Copy
  • Senior Account Management

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • SEO Strategy & UX Copy for Technical Industries

  • Project Management, Budget & Project Breakouts

Position Details

  • Senior Account Management

    • Manage key accounts.
    • Develop client rapport.
    • Establish agency credibility.
    • Serve as the point person for all client communication.
    • Prepare agendas for each client meeting.
    • Construct the cadence of project and reporting meetings.
  • Digital Strategy & Project Management

    • Worked within a 5-person fractional CMO team.
    • Provided content marketing recommendations for mid-size to enterprise accounts.
    • Helped to define marketing strategy.
    • Conducted brand and content audits.
  • Website Audits

    • Led research teams to conduct website performance audits, content audits, site health audits and performance reviews.
    • Performed competitor site research, keyword gap analysis and provided content and UX/design recommendations.
    • Used company sales data to align content strategy. 
  • Product Optimization Strategy

    • Worked closely with agency clients to understand the revenue impact of vertical industries within their portfolio to target and optimize page performance and campaign effectiveness.
    • Made recommendations for product optimization strategies.
  • Keyword Research

    • Conducted keyword research, keyword gap analysis, and competitor keyword research.
    • Used software to track keyword performance and make strategic recommendations at monthly meetings.
  • Landing Pages & Funnel Optimization Strategy

    • Provided on-page recommendations to optimize UX experience including CTAs, optimized images, and captions.
    • Mapped basic funnel strategies and noted email segmentation opportunities.
  • Social Media

    • Developed social media content roadmaps and content frameworks.
    • Led a team to research and recommend target audiences.
    • Established content pillars to establish talking points.
    • Edited the monthly social media scripts and made recommendations to improve conversion rates.
  • Paid Advertising

    • Developed budget recommendations for Google AdWords Campaigns, Meta and LinkedIn Campaigns.
    • Wrote Linkedin Ads.
    • Wrote Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Ongoing Content Marketing

    • Worked closely with the Senior Marketing Director
    • Provided strategic recommendations for ongoing MOFU and BOFU content marketing initiatives 
    • Defined goals and created cadence for blogs, webinars, downloadable content, videos, explainer videos, virtual thought leadership events, and email campaigns
  • Data Monitoring & Reporting

    Worked within a team to curate and explain analytics reports and make recommendations for next steps.

    • Google Analytics site traffic
    • Keyword reports
    • Social media reports
    • Paid ad performance reporting

Senior UX Copywriter

  • The Role

    • Worked within cross functional teams to develop keyword optimized content.
  • Deliverables

    • Case Studies
    • Keyword optimized landing pages
    • Press releases
    • Social copy
    • Thought leadership articles
    • Webinars
  • Objectives

    • Identified critical business initiatives and existing pain points.
    • Wrote copy to overcome objections and drive prospects to request more information.
  • Methods

    • Carefully listened to executive leadership and product teams discuss the struggles within operations, marketing or new business development.
    • Created strategies and frameworks to overcome objectives.
    • Wrote content designed to address the objection.
    • Provided clarification and reoffer the solution.
  • Structuring Content

    • Absorbed large amounts of information, sorted through the details and organized content to optimize in search and resonates with audiences.
    • Formatted articles with proper H1, H2 and H3 headings, keywords, proper paragraph length, internal and external links, and rich text media.
  • SEO Optimization

    • Performed keyword research, keyword gap analysis, content gap analysis.
    • Formatted long form content using SEO best practices.
  • Wireframing

    • Created website wireframes using best UX strategies, include directives for imagery, CTAs and headlines.
  • Meta-data

    • Provided meta data, title, and tagging information.
  • Data Monitoring & Reporting

    Worked within a team to curate and explain analytics reports and make recommendations for next steps.

    • Google Analytics site traffic
    • Keyword reports
    • Social media reports
    • Paid ad performance reporting